The New Grand Tour@ 798 Beijing, Hong Kong, Bryce Wolkowitz, NYC.
TNGT was series exhibitions and documentary film sponsored by Diesel in 2007. Suitman and five other renowned New York-based artists to participate in this once in a lifetime project. The artists went on an inspiration gathering journey. And brought a film crew along to document the experience – how everyone came together and learned from a different culture to create their inspired pieces for the final exhibition.
The artists and the film crew traveled from Shanghai via Yunnan to the final destination in Shangri-La, meeting the Chief Lama who was leading the creation of the longest 'Tongka' (the traditional Tibetan Buddhism art) ever produced, experiencing the cultural exchange with lama-artists, As for the Suitman's portrait sessions. I visited a one-room village school in one of the poorest areas in China and worked with the students from preschool children and up to 12 years old.
Six months after the trip, the artists reunited in Beijing, exhibiting their art, which was inspired by the experience of the journey. In 2010, the documentary film was completed and screened and exhibited in the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in NYC.